Sunday, June 21, 2009


Hey Klowns,

Just a reminder for all of our minions. Don't forget to call your dad and tell him how much you hate him, because really, "FUCK HIM." I'm going to put on another angry, dad-hating record now.



Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's ok dawg

It's tough to cover the (disputed) kings of breakdown, but my man here gives it his all.

He also does a [sic] version of this called "Klown Without Facepaint", look out for his video of that.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Honorary [sic] klown

Hello minions of [sic]ness,

Today I am bringing you a video of a man who is a true innovator of hopping and dancing. Unfortunately, there's very little that can be said about him, as it is difficult to describe just how [sic] he is.

Instead of any more empty words, here is a video:

Also, klowns, we would like your input on who is the siccest cover vocalist klown in the comments section. This will be the beginning of the contest to put together the siccest supergroup of klowns from youtube.

Keep hopping.

A [sic] reminder for all of our followers

Here's the first in possibly a series of posts of some of the [sic]est vocal covers ever recorded for YouTube. The first one is a cover of the legendary MISERY SIGNALS. Now I know what you're saying... "yahelloman, I saw Misery Signals live one time and their pants weren't even that big." I hear you, but I need you to remember one thing... posturing around your bedroom singing songs into the camera is inherently [sic] as shit (especially metalcore). So I will leave you with this guy doing some song I've never heard of by Misery Signals.