Thursday, April 30, 2009

[SIC]EST Farmclub Performances

Greetings Klowns,

Today at [s1c] blog, we are counting down da most wicked joints ever performed on Farmclub. Let's get this shit hoppin'.

10. P.O.D. - Southtown

These klowns are kickin' off our kountdown of [sic]. Big ups to my man in the Zao jersey (da kings).

9. Orgy - Opticon

Message from [s1c] blog. We like your pants.

8. Limp Bizkit ft. Method Man - N2gether Now

Arguably the kings of [s1c]. Another classic performance from the already legendary klowns.

7. Cold - She Said

You'll want to break out your ball necklace and workshirt for this one. One of the best frontmen of all-time in the realm of [sic].

6. Staind - Mudshovel

This one features the innovator of the hop. If you're reading this, Mike Mushok, keep on hoppin'.

5. Kittie - Brackish

You can't forget these [sic] chicks when discussing the top Farmclub performances.

4. Primer 55 - Loose

Can you get loose?

3. Crazy Town - Butterfly

These klowns pretty much speak for themselves.

2. Chimaira - Dead Inside

42" leg openings on ALL these klowns.

1. 20 Dead Flower Children - Greet the Machine

My personal favorite Farmclub performance of all-time. Someone better call the Kourtesy Klown to pick up all these wallet chains.

I hope you guys enjoyed these videos as much as I do. Don't ever stop hoppin'.

trv [s1c]ness never sleeps,


  1. Chimaira leg openings brought the lols.

  2. this blog delivers like no other. keep the sicness coming lols