Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where Are These Clowns?, Vol. 1: Full Devil Jacket

This is a sic nu feature I'll be doing every now and then to try and uncover the where abouts of some of the long gone and sikkest bands in nu metal. For my first post in this series I'll try to find out what happened to TN's own FULL DEVIL JACKET.

You might remember them from MTV's Return of the Rock with their sic hit 'Stain'.

They toured with Type O Negative and Coal Chamber and the Tattoo the Earth Tour before seemingly disappearing off the face of the planet. Well here's what they're doing now...

Former singer Josh Brown got all kinds of messed up on drugs before finding God and forming his new band Day of Fire. You can check them out on their MyPraize page. Yes, I said MyPraize.

Guitarist Jonathan Montoya is tearing shit up in SALIVA. He played on their most recent album CINCO DIABLO. How [sic] is that??? They don't have any new videos since they probably don't even have a fanbase or budget anymore. So here's Salvia's biggest hit from 2000's Every Six Seconds CLICK CLICK BOOM!!!!

Bassist Kevin Bebout works for Epiphone designing some SIC guitars.

As for the other guys I wasn't able to find any information on them but sources close to the band have informed me Keith Foster runs a bed and breakfast out of his parent's basement in Jackson, TN and Michael Reeves pumps gas at a local Exxon.

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