Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where Are These Clowns?, Vol. 2: Coal Chamber

Coal Chamber was one of my favorite bands from the nu genre and one of the sikkest. I saw them at least a dozen times when they were around. I don't know why I liked them so much. They had horrible lyrics and I don't think any of them could play their instruments. For those of you who don't know who Coal Chamber is or simply forgot here's their biggest hit from their 1997 self titled album, LOCO!

They formed in 1992 when members Dez Fafara and Meegs Rascón started the band She's In Pain. Soon after Rayna Foss joined and they changed their name to Coal Chamber. In 1996 Mikey "Bug" Cox joined. After playing on the first ever Ozzfest tour and signing to Roadrunner Records they recorded their first self titled album. After several tours, lineup changes and two more full length studio albums the band called it quits when an altercation between Dez and Meegs happened on stage where Meeg's guitar met Dez's face.

In this post I'm to going let all you nu metal fans know exactly what happened to the late, great Coal Chamber.

Dez Fafara, unsatisfied with the music Coal Chamber was making started talking to some guys nobody knows during the Dark Days tour. After Coal Chamber split he formed DevilDriver. Their fourth full length album is due out this year and still nobody cares. Here's a video for the song Clouds Over California.

Meegs Rascón started a horrible rock band called Glass Piñata. You can uhh, check them out on their Myspace I guess here.

Mikey "Bug" Cox got together with Orgy's Jay Gordon and started the band Machine Gun Orchestra. They only have a 45 second clip up on their Myspace. Which can be found here. I wouldn't recommend anyone listening though.

Rayna Foss, who left after the second album married this guy...

Morgan Rose, drummer from the band Sevendust. When Rayna left Dez spoke out about it and didn't have anything nice to say. Which led to Morgan writing this song about him...

Rayna and Morgan have since been divorced.

Nadja Peulen, who took over for Rayna on tour while she was pregnant and eventually took the bass spot when she left started a t-shirt company called Cruel Tees.

She was also featured in the 2006 issue of Revolver's Hottest Chicks In Metal.

Well that's about it. In interviews Dez and Meegs have stated that Coal Chamber will never get back together. Although at a recent DevilDriver show Meegs joined Dez on stage to play Loco. So who knows???? I'll leave you with the Coal Chamber discography. Stay sic everyone!

Giving the Devil His Due

Dark Days

Chamber Music

Self Titled

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